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Friday, 14 January 2011

Random pic & my "non" resolution

I just tweeted this pic but I love it so I'm blogging it too.
It was taken in the summer when we were in Whitby, absolutely lovely place, be sure to visit if you ever get a chance. Not sure why I wanted to take a picture of a seagull but I love the noise they make and don't get to hear it very often out in the country and it just looked so lovely against the gorgeous blue water.
I added the caption in photoshop.

Doesn't he look pretty? Proper picture postcard pose lol. We took alot of photos on that holiday so I hope get round to scrapping and blogging them.
I haven't really made any resolutions but I have vowed to try and manage my time better. I work full time, I'm trying to complete an NVQ 2 in health and social care, I have a busy family, house and pets to keep up with so crafting has been properly pushed onto the back burner but I've had this week off so I've been cleaning, organising, throwing out alot of "it might come in handy" stuff and generally getting my entire house arranged to run with military precision and minimal upkeep lol, hopefully that will free up some of my time.
Anyway! Off to do a bit of pottering around and practise my good time management skills, I have a way to go yet but I am working on it! If you have any tips please feel free to leave them here for me.
V xxx


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