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Thursday, 13 January 2011

#nips in and sits down# Hello!!

Well, I'm back again it seems lol.
What a few months its been!
My son Ady, who has been job hunting forever, finally has a new job! woohoo! A few months in and hes doing well :) He also announced that he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby!! So the job really couldn't have come at a better time. And then, yes there's more, they got engaged at Christmas so its all happening for those two right now. I'm so so happy with all their news, even though the shocker of becoming a grandma at 41 took a day or two to sink in lol. Really couldn't be prouder or happier about it. Now I'm faced with the dilemma of what I will be called in the grandparent department, I'm thinking grandma is a little bit to old sounding so I'm leaning towards Nanny or Nana, got a few months to ponder it. Baby due 12th July :)
Now, my elder daughter Freya, she started studying biomedical sciences at Chester university in September. Sooooo proud!!! Sooooo missing her so much!!! I've been finding it tough without her at home but I'm slowly, sort of, getting used to it. She's just gone back after three weeks at home for Christmas so its been really lovely having her here but difficult to let her go back again. She has settled in really well and is enjoying and embracing student life 100%. Wouldn't want it any other way!
My youngest daughter, Taylor, is in her 1st year of A levels and is doing well and studying hard. I think she's finding it odd now being the only left at home with the other two "flying the nest" as the old saying goes. Having said that I'm sure she is enjoying the extra bit of spoiling she's getting being mums baby lol. We spend lots of time together and often laugh til we cry, which we've always done, but I think it's nice for her to have mum and dad to herself for a while. Another 18 months or so and she too will be heading to university so absolutely making the most our time.
Do I sound like a proud, clucky, totally in love with her kids mum? I do hope so!
Right, this post is getting huge so I'll finish up for now but I will definately be back soon


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