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Sunday, 31 May 2009

What a busy time!

morning folks :)
what a flurry of activity my life is at the moment! ive still got my new zealand friend with me and work is full on so at the moment im just getting to walk passed my craft room and look longingly into it and keep right on walking!
ive got a couple of days off from tuesday so im going to make sure i get in there and put together a card or two because im starting to suffer paper and stamp withdrawal lol
ive been looking out for some prisma pencils because ive watched a fab tutorial on you tube with regards to colouring and blending so cant wait to get stuck in with having a go at that, im desperate to improve my colouring and this was fab. ill post the link to that tutorial later on, i found it really helpful so pencils, sansodor and paper stumps here i come! ill keep you updated on here with my progress when i get all the things i need.
it never ceases to amaze me the amount of new things there are to learn and do with this addictive habit, ive been doing it a while and still constantly learning, its wonderful!
have a wonderful day all
V :)


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