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Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Evening all :)
im one of those few lucky crafters to have a dedicated room to do it in, im not sure my son would agree though because its his old bedroom and now when hes home to visit (which he is now) he has to make do with a mattress down on the floor! is it wrong that i dont feel guilty? lol
at least i waited til he'd been gone 5 minutes before i changed the use of the room!

sooooooo.....anyway, it was getting rather untidy and ive got some pics to prove it!...........

how does anyone work on this desk? i couldnt tell you! it was so untidy i couldnt do alot on it.

a disgrace huh?

oh ohh, more slobishness (is that a real word?)

ok, ok, i know :(

so i decided it was time to pull my proverbial out and get it sorted.

got pics of that too.........

so maybe this shelf looks like a before shot but it really is an after lol. ive still got some work to do on the shelves but i do actually know whats where

yep, definately a bit more work to be done up there


definately better.....

a clean and tidy usable i have no excuse not to settle down and get some crafting done!

one last work we used to sell hallmark cards but they were binned and the stand was to be tossed out!! oh no, no, no, that wasnt going to happen was it? ok so it needs a tidy too but its really handy :)

just got to work to keep the whole place tidy now!! wish me luck, i think im going to need it.......



Looks great. Keep it that way if you can!! Mine was tidy for it's photo shoot and now looks like a bomb-site.

Sue C

Ooh just look at your craft room - its fab, lucky lucky you!x

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